Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy in 'rage' over secret tapes of him and Carla Bruni

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Mar, AT 12:44

Sarkoleaks: Bruni mocked French president about his salary, while adviser called him 'the dwarf'

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni angers Air France staff over New York freebie

One-Minute Read Thu 4 Jul, AT 12:46

Employees facing massive job cuts say singer shouldn't have got free flight to promote her new album

Carla Bruni: Sarkozy ‘devoured the little boy in me’

Sunday Papers Sun 2 Dec, AT 11:55

From the Sunday papers: from Bruni’s ‘absolutely sensual’ breastfeeding to civil servants’ gay sex failure

Nicolas Sarkozy

Police raid Sarkozy's home and offices in campaign cash probe

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Jul, AT 08:23

Former French president investigated over alleged acceptance of cash stuffed in envelopes

Valerie Trierweiler

Has Valerie Trierweiler already started trash talking Carla Bruni?

One-Minute Read Thu 10 May, AT 15:01

French first lady says she will not be a 'trophy wife'. Who could she be referring to?


Forget the 'shareholder spring' hype: high pay is here to stay

Opinion digest Wed 9 May, AT 11:04

Opinion digest: Shareholder and debt revolts, France's first lady and graceful ageing

Carla Bruni resumes her music career as Sarkozy bows out

First Post Tue 8 May, AT 17:07

Will former French first lady steal the limelight from her replacement Valerie Trierweiler?

Valerie Trierweiler, Francois Hollande companion

Valerie Trierweiler, a match for Carla as France's first lady

First Post Mon 7 May, AT 13:34

Francois Hollande's 'companion' will make headlines like Bruni - but for different reasons


Carla Bruni is not to blame for husband Sarkozy's defeat

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Opinion Digest: on women in power, French protectionism and Lords reform