Pope gives speech

Pope Francis: Abortion attack will please church conservatives

First Reaction Tue 14 Jan, AT 10:21

Pontiff calls terminations 'horrific' and links them to modern society's throwaway culture

Exorcists on the rise as Church faces 'unprecedented' demand

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Jan, AT 15:51

Increasing number of Catholic priests trained in exorcism as more people dabble in the dark arts

Fancy time off purgatory? Follow the Pope on Twitter

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Jul, AT 14:30

Vatican offers 'indulgences' to those who follow Francis on social media during Catholic events

Pope John Paul II

Pope Francis clears way for Pope John Paul II sainthood

One-Minute Read Fri 5 Jul, AT 14:31

New pope flexes muscles by allowing canonisation of former pontiffs, without 'two miracle' confirmation

Peter Turkson not shy about his wish to become first black Pope

First Reaction Wed 13 Feb, AT 14:43

He's the bookies' favourite to replace Pope Benedict but his conservative views won't please the Left

The five men who are tipped to become the next Pope

Briefing Tue 12 Feb, AT 10:54

Pope Benedict says he won't interfere in the choice of his successor after announcing he is to step down

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope's decision to quit is act of brave 'self-sacrifice'

First Reaction Mon 11 Feb, AT 14:40

The man dubbed 'God’s Rottweiler' bows out at 85, sending shock waves through the Catholic faith