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01 Aug, 2013

Energy company wants to reduce power use during the week by offering free electricity on Saturdays

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26 Jun, 2013

Total wants to explore for shale gas in UK but is frustrated by lack of licensing information

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13 Jun, 2013

Regulator sets out plans to 'break the stranglehold' of industry giants including Centrica and Npower

Richard Branson
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20 May, 2013

Branson, Sorrell and others claim Eurosceptics are putting 'politics before economics'

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14 May, 2013

Energy bosses defend 'Premier League' style salaries during stormy annual general meeting

28 Mar, 2013

Million-pound payouts after bitter winter show top executives 'are on another planet'

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26 Mar, 2013

British Gas signed a £10bn deal that will reduce our dependence on Russia and Qatar for energy.

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27 Feb, 2013

Company accused of 'making money on the back of spiralling bills' won't rule out another price hike

08 Jan, 2013

MD who has overseen huge price hikes set to leave after ‘bust-up’ with parent company Centrica

Big six face grilling
One-Minute Read
28 Jul, 2011

Business digest: Company’s UK arm, British Gas, has been operating at a loss since April