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Southampton, UK

Immigration Street: will C4 'car crash' lead to change?

First Reaction
Wed 25 Feb, AT 13:17

Makers of Benefits Street were run out of town while they filmed a sequel about immigration

Indian Summers

Indian Summers is heating up: what can we expect next?

Fri 20 Mar, AT 11:09

A murder is in store and the plot twists are stacked 'so precariously’ now they need only ‘a push'


Catastrophe: reviews of an 'enjoyably rude' new sitcom

First Reaction
Tue 20 Jan, AT 13:06

Critics cheer 'filthy and very funny' rom-com Catastrophe, which features two singles facing parenthood after a fling

Paul Mason's rant against the banks – video

Thu 13 Nov, AT 16:03

Angry Channel 4 economics editor is 'sick' of banks behaving badly and calls for tougher regulation

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korean military warns UK over Channel 4 drama

One-Minute Read
Tue 2 Sep, AT 15:50

Pyongyang calls the fictional thriller a 'politically motivated provocation' backed by Downing Street

Fiona O'Shaughnessy in Utopia

Utopia: as compelling as ever - and the body count is rising

Tue 15 Jul, AT 09:33
Holden Frith

Utopia retains a robust attitude towards violence as befits a drama with comic-book aesthetics

'Olympic Charter' Google doodle and five other Sochi gay protests

Fri 7 Feb, AT 12:05

Logos rebranded with gay pride rainbow, while cabaret act sings 'good luck gays, on gay mountain'

Benefits Street: stars of C4 series get death threats

First Reaction
Tue 7 Jan, AT 12:01

Residents say TV company 'tricked' them into appearing in show that makes them look like 'spongers'

Masters of Sex: prostitutes, peepholes and propositions

Wed 9 Oct, AT 09:16
Annalisa Barbieri

'So far we've seen two naked men. One has clearly been working out the way men just didn't then'

Sex Box: couples make love on TV in 'soundproof' booth

One-Minute Read
Mon 23 Sep, AT 14:26

Host Mariella Frostrup insists Channel 4 show will promote 'mature discussion' about sex in Britain