Charity of the Week

CARE International

Charity of the week
Fri 22 May, AT 12:02

Providing water purification sachets, pumps, wells and long-term solutions

Rennie Grove Hospice Care

Charity of the week
Fri 15 May, AT 15:49

Excellent palliative and end-of-life care based around patients and their families both day and night

Suicide Crisis

Charity of the week
Fri 1 May, AT 13:43

Intensive face to face support for people who are at risk of suicide

Walking With The Wounded

Charity of the week
Thu 23 Apr, AT 12:43

Re-training wounded servicemen and women, and helping them acquire new skills and qualifications

Trinity Hospice

Charity of the week
Thu 16 Apr, AT 14:58

Expert and compassionate services offered free of charge


Charity of the week
Thu 9 Apr, AT 14:15

Practical housing advice and support online, in person and by phone

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Charity of the week
Tue 7 Apr, AT 13:50

Helping soldiers, veterans and their families in times of real need

Teaching-aids At Low Cost

Charity of the week
Thu 26 Mar, AT 16:37

Sending practical health information to remote and resource-poor communities

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Charity of the week
Fri 20 Mar, AT 14:40

Helping young people overcome disadvantage and discrimination, and take on ambitious careers

Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Charity of the week
Thu 12 Mar, AT 14:43

Raising awareness of male cancers through its champions­ Mr Testicles, James Bum 002 and Near Naked Man