Charles Dickens

19 Feb, 2013

'Spectacular' adaptation translates the spirit and humanity of Dickens's classic novel to the stage

07 Feb, 2013

Make-up artist who created Yoda, Chewbacca and Stanley Kubrick's apes has died at the age of 98

30 Nov, 2012

A cast of Great British thespians from Hogwarts make this latest adaptation jolly family viewing

06 Aug, 2012

Growth in ebooks faster in UK than in US, but Amazon is attacked for helping authors to self-publish

Charles Dickens
07 Feb, 2012

Dickens was a great writer, but if children aren't reading him it's not the end of the world

Charles Dickens
07 Oct, 2011

Face it, Mr Micawber's principle provides the perfect model for Daveism

31 May, 2011

A superb account of Britain’s first railway murder

28 Nov, 2008

As the drama of the financial crisis unfolds, Antonia Quirke casts Emily Maitlis as Nancy while Paxman hams it up