Charlie Sheen

Tom Cruise is latest victim of Los Angeles 'swatting' prank

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Fri 18 Jan, AT 14:11

Armed police rush to actor's home in Beverly Hills to tackle 'gunman' – but it is yet another hoax call

Charlie Sheen's £1.6m party gift blooper

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Mon 17 Dec, AT 12:33

Tabloid Tales: actor gives Babe Ruth baseball; Katie Holmes spends fortune on daughter's gifts

Robert Pattinson disses One Direction, but 'loves Westlife'

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Wed 28 Nov, AT 13:10

Tabloid tales: R-Patz disses One Direction, Vampire on the loose in Serbia, Pippa Middleton is a 'sinner of the year'

Two and a Half Men's Jake says don't watch my show - it's 'filth'

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Tue 27 Nov, AT 09:30

Teenage actor who played Charlie Sheen's nephew tells viewers to turn off US comedy after finding God

Prince William tells Singapore crowd: ‘I’d like two children’

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Wed 12 Sep, AT 11:01

Tabloid Tales: William talks babies with bystanders, Cole and Barlow are haunted, Lohan disappears

Charlie Sheen: 'the iPad makes a good weapon'

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Tue 11 Sep, AT 12:15

Tabloid tales: Sheen throws iPad, man caught with monkey in pants, hotel gets ferret request

World's longest penis mistaken for bio-weapon at airport

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Tue 17 Jul, AT 11:29

Red top tales: Security asks 'Is that something in your pocket?'; Charlie Sheen 'tweeted during sex'

Lady Gaga fears badly aligned planets could jinx world tour

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Mon 16 Apr, AT 12:27

Red top tales: Worried Gaga calls in astrologers, lustful Simon Cowell regrets engagement

Charlie Sheen 'threatens lawsuit' over topless sushi room

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Tue 1 May, AT 13:00

Red top tales: Strip bar forced to pull 'Charlie Sheen Room', The Wanted told to avert eyes from Britney

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen #winning again as FX picks up new sitcom

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Fri 28 Oct, AT 10:50

Troubled star thrown a lifeline with TV show based on Jack Nicholson's movie Anger Management