Child abuse

02 Jul, 2015

Inspectorate of Constabulary accuses police of not listening to victims of child abuse and neglect

Teenage victim of sexual abuse in Rotherham
17 Jun, 2015

Police are recording at least 85 sexual assaults every day as reports jump by more than a third

Rotherham child abuse scandal
05 May, 2015

Author of 2003 report cannot understand why nobody responded to multiple child rape claims

05 Mar, 2015

Controversial debate reignited over whether smacking constitutes reasonable punishment or child abuse

03 Mar, 2015

Cameron reveals new proposals, as 'damning' report on child sexual abuse in Oxfordshire is published

The Mole
28 Aug, 2014

Former MP Denis MacShane says being 'Guardian reader and liberal leftie' may have held him back

Rotherham child abuse scandal
21 Jul, 2015

Inspectors find some signs of progress in relation to child protection, but 'significant concerns' remain

The Mole
03 Jul, 2014

Outrage at file’s disappearance: it would have ‘rocked the Commons’ if action had been taken, says the Mail

The Mole
02 Jul, 2014

Former Home Secretary remembers 'a bundle of papers' - but does not recall officials taking it further

Children in County Galway, Ireland, in the 1960s
04 Jun, 2014

New evidence suggests 796 children were interred in septic tanks in Irish refuge run by nuns