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Chinese Communist Party

China to shut labour camps and relax one-child policy

One-Minute Read
Fri 15 Nov, AT 15:32

Chinese families allowed two children if at least one parent is an only child

Anger as Nobel winner Mo Yan defends Chinese censorship

First Reaction
Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:21

Salman Rushdie calls author a 'patsy' as he compares censorship to airport security

The BBC needs downsizing: if Patten can't see it, he should go

Mon 12 Nov, AT 08:47
Richard Ehrman

Is the BBC too big to be manageable? Channel 4's output is just as highly rated and it is more adept at avoiding pitfalls

Murder victim Neil Heywood 'was spying on Bo Xilai' for UK

One-Minute Read
Tue 6 Nov, AT 14:11

British businessman whose death sparked ructions in Chinese Communist Party, 'passed information to MI6'

No pigeons, no balloons: China cracks down for party congress

One-Minute Read
Fri 2 Nov, AT 15:57

Communist Party reaches 'new level of psychosis' as it readies for safe handover of power in Beijing


A second mayoral term for Boris will see him into No 10

Opinion digest
Mon 16 Apr, AT 10:22

Opinion round-up: Johnson's box office appeal, premium cycling, censorship at the London Book Fair