Chris Grayling

07 Apr, 2015

Counter-terror expert warns of a 'growing haystack' of Islamic fundamentalists in England's prisons

Protesters simulating a flogging scene in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC
27 Jan, 2015

Amnesty International says decision lends 'British stamp of approval' to Saudi Arabia's human rights record

The Mole
03 Oct, 2014

Tories need to be nine points ahead of Labour, not one – hence the wooing of Ukippers with ECHR threat

David Cameron
03 Oct, 2014

Conservatives to scrap Human Rights Act and seize power from Europe if they win the next election

A guard stands behind a locked gate at Pentonville prison
19 Aug, 2014

Assaults, suicides and prison populations are all on the rise but Chris Grayling says it's all under control

30 Sep, 2013

Justice secretary says that cautions for crimes including rape and assault are 'simply unacceptable'

04 Jun, 2013

Former judge Sir Anthony Hooper dismisses Tory MP's promise of quality checks as 'gobbledegook'

07 Mar, 2013

Times claims senior right-wingers attended dinner as Tories 'jostle for position' in case PM is challenged

04 Mar, 2013

Tax cuts and health care limits for Bulgarians mooted within 24 hours of PM's vow to keep to centre path

10 Jan, 2013

Privatising the probation service is not about cutting the deficit – it's a purely ideological coalition move