Chris Grayling

09 Jan, 2013

Minister asked to intervene as Birmingham prison is swamped by rising number of sex offenders

13 Nov, 2012

Vaughan Jones humiliated after police arrest him for 'assaulting' burglar at his mother's home.

13 Nov, 2012

Only party committed to withdrawing from ECHR is targeting Louise Mensch's former supporters

22 Oct, 2012

That's silly talk, says Justice Minister Grayling, responding to former Met police chief

15 Oct, 2012

Scots deal ramps up the pressure for an in/out vote on EU – and further exposes rift between Tories and Lib Dems

09 Oct, 2012

From hug-a-hoodie to bash-a-burglar: new law will make even 'disproportionate force' acceptable

05 Sep, 2012

Heathrow unguarded, a climate change sceptic at Environment and a green belt sceptic at Planning

04 Sep, 2012

Reaction to the big moves after David Cameron's first major Cabinet reshuffle

16 May, 2012

Youth unemployment and jobseekers allowance totals drop – but minister warns of 'international uncertainty'