Chris Hoy

18 Apr, 2013

Britain's greatest-ever Olympian bows out, but his impact will be felt for years

27 Nov, 2012

Shortlist for BBC awards ceremony includes 11 Olympians and Paralympians – plus Rory McIlroy

17 Oct, 2012

Opinion digest: irrational hatred of affluent mums, hope for Scottish independence, Starbucks' hypocrisy

11 Sep, 2012

After an extraordinary summer of sport the public faces a tough decision this Christmas

12 Aug, 2012

The PM has recruited Seb Coe to make sure the Games has a lasting and positive effect for the whole of the UK

09 Aug, 2012

'Frustrated' at being drawn into politics, Olympian says he's proud to compete alongside English athletes

Chris Hoy
08 Aug, 2012

Cycling champion 99.9 per cent sure these will be his final Games as he asks: 'How can you top this?'

07 Aug, 2012

Beaten French champion Gregory Bauge demands to know how the young English cyclist won

03 Aug, 2012

'I crashed on purpose to get a restart,' says Hoy's team-mate Philip Hindes before changing his story