Chris Huhne


Royal Charter ‘redundant’: PM gets Miller to wave white flag

Mon 4 Nov, AT 10:21
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Culture Secretary surprises all sides by agreeing that newspapers should have a chance to self-regulate

Chris Huhne: did Home Office try to mislead MPs over Prism?

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Mon 7 Oct, AT 11:51

Former minister claims cabinet was in 'utter ignorance' over GCHQ spying programmes

Chris Huhne

Huhne blames 'aggressive' Murdoch press for downfall

First Reaction
Mon 9 Sep, AT 11:06

Disgraced former MP says he was targeted after calling for re-opening of inquiry into phone hacking

Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne fails in privacy battle over prison photos

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Thu 18 Jul, AT 13:59

Press Complaints Commission rejects claim that pictures of him kissing girlfriend 'breached privacy'

Vicky Pryce rebuilds career with House of Lords appearance

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Tue 2 Jul, AT 14:18

Chris Huhne's ex-wife still wearing electronic tag as she discusses eurozone's woes with committee

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce leave prison after 62 days

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Mon 13 May, AT 09:08

Disgraced former minister wants to help prisoners find jobs, while ex-wife will write 'tell-all' book

Huhne fights £100,000 legal bill and offers to pay £25,000

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Mon 22 Apr, AT 15:42

Ex-cabinet minister back in court as he tries to avoid hefty prosecution costs

Fewer women should be sent to jail, says Justice Minister

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Fri 22 Mar, AT 14:04

Fewer families will be destroyed if courts make more use of community sentences, Helen Grant says

Vicky Pryce: why her time in open prison won't be 'cushy'

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Mon 18 Mar, AT 09:56

East Sutton Park looks genteel, but Pryce may soon wish she was back in Holloway, says former inmate

'Frail and broken' Vicky Pryce not coping in jail says brother

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Thu 14 Mar, AT 09:47

Former MP Chris Huhne is 'absolutely fine' and in 'good spirits' but his ex-wife is faring less well