Crispin Black

And behold, Christianity is a lot tougher than it looks

Thu 22 Nov, AT 10:36
Crispin Black

Not everyone is crying about the Synod's No vote on women bishops. Crispin Black, for one

Richard Dawkins

Chief Rabbi slams Dawkins for using 'anti-Semitic stereotype'

One-Minute Read
Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:48

Richard Dawkins insists his description of God as a 'bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser' was intended as a joke

Christ-on-cross cartoon provokes Christian outrage

One-Minute Read
Thu 23 Aug, AT 12:17

Anger from Germany's faithful after Kassell museum uses 'blasphemous' cartoon in poster

Crispin Black

If Assad falls, is Britain ready to rescue Syria's Christians?

Tue 31 Jul, AT 07:35
Crispin Black

The tolerance shown towards Christians in Syria is unlikely to survive Assad's overthrow by Sunnis

Putin and Kirill

Syria's Assad can count on support of Russian Orthodox Church

One-Minute Read
Fri 1 Jun, AT 13:25

Russian Christians have extracted a promise from Putin that is a boost to the embattled Syrian president

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams says veil helps Muslim women assert themselves

One-Minute Read
Mon 2 Apr, AT 15:50

Archbishop of Canterbury has 'never been much of a feminist', says Janet Street Porter

Michael Bywater

If you don't like God's word, write your own

Wed 28 Mar, AT 10:40
Michael Bywater

We should respect others' right to believe, but we don't have to respect what they believe.


What we need is a Secretary of State for Imagination

Fri 16 Mar, AT 08:12
Michael Bywater

And if Douglas Adams can't be in charge, then novelist Nick Harkaway might be the man

Sunday papers

I'm so ashamed, says 'teen lover' of MP Eric Joyce

Sunday Papers
Sun 11 Mar, AT 11:31

From the Sunday papers: Lampard's uncle is a paedophile and Harry makes a splash in Rio

Alexander Cockburn

Why is the ludicrous Santorum running Mitt Romney ragged?

Thu 23 Feb, AT 09:46
Alexander Cockburn

He may be the most fanatical Christian contender ever, but at least he's not the blue-collar voter's worst enemy