Frozen Britain Snow

Snow threatens to ruin the bookies’ Christmas

Tue 14 Dec, AT 12:46

Climate change scientists face a tough time too as sceptics exploit the UK’s Arctic conditions

Online shoppers gear up for Manic Monday

Mon 22 Nov, AT 15:57

Business Digest: Internet shoppers will spend more money on November 29 than on any other day in the year

Festive football Santa

Holiday preview: Chelsea aim to stay on top

Thu 24 Dec, AT 17:48

Chelsea face striker shortage; Villa play Arsenal and Liverpool; Africans leave for Cup of Nations

Carla Bruni

Sainte Carla and the tramp - a helpful Parisian story

Tue 22 Dec, AT 07:53

‘She often gives me 50 or 100 euros’ says itinerant Denis of Carla Bruni - ‘a great lady’

Joe McElderry

Twitter campaign rages against X Factor machine

Mon 14 Dec, AT 11:49

X Factor winner Joe McElderry takes on social networking group’s bid to make Rage Against the Machine the Christmas number one