Church of England

General view of Canterbury Cathedral

Church 'hypocritical' for offering jobs below living wage

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Mon 23 Feb, AT 10:06

Church of England advertised a job at £6.50 an hour – £1.35 below the living wage

The Archbishop of York presides over a service

Women bishops: Church of England votes yes

Mon 14 Jul, AT 16:38

The General Synod has voted today to allow the creation of women bishops

Rowan Williams

Lord Williams: Britain a 'post-Christian' country

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Sun 27 Apr, AT 08:57

Former Archbishop of Canterbury enters on-going debate

David Cameron has every right to call this a Christian country

Thu 24 Apr, AT 08:47
Crispin Black

Christianity came to Britain within a century of Jesus’s crucifixion – whatever the humanists might say

Archbishop of Canterbury: blessing gay marriage would split Church

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Sat 19 Apr, AT 10:58

Justin Welby suggests accepting gay marriage would mean the Church would be unable to help other victims of oppression

Fracking fears as CoE claims mineral rights under its land

Talking Point
Fri 16 Aug, AT 09:50

Church seeks rights just days after clergy condemn fracking as risk to 'God's creation'

If the Church can't crack ethical investments, can anyone?

Personal Finance
Fri 26 Jul, AT 12:25

The C of E's discovery that it invested in Wonga throws spotlight on complexities of ethical investing

Angels on a stained glass window at the church of Saint-Thomas, Excideuil, Dordogne

Church of England declares war on 'entitlement and greed'

Personal Finance
Sat 27 Apr, AT 13:56

Church's ethical investment advisors want to revive the spirit of 'shareholder spring'

Same-sex pairings 'stunning', says new Archbishop Welby

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Thu 21 Mar, AT 09:04

As Justin Welby is enthroned at Canterbury, he praises 'stunning' quality of some gay relationships


Queen must zip her lips for today's Cabinet meeting

Tue 18 Dec, AT 09:40
The Mole

She might be tempted to speak out on gay marriage and Leveson - but risks a constitutional crisis if she does