The CIA seal

Terrorism watchlist: secret US rules revealed

Briefing Fri 25 Jul, AT 15:37

Agencies don't need 'concrete facts' to label individuals terrorists – so how are people watchlisted?


German politicians may use typewriters to beat spying

One-Minute Read Tue 15 Jul, AT 15:19

'Yes, we're serious' say German MPs considering a return to old fashioned methods after US spy row

Robert Levinson: mystery of the CIA spy captured by Iran

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Dec, AT 09:50

American who vanished in 2007 was part of 'rogue' CIA operation and agency paid $2.5m to cover its tracks


Who killed JFK? 50 years of conspiracy theories

Briefing Mon 25 Nov, AT 11:54

It was the CIA, the KGB, aliens or an accident. Why three shots fired in Dallas still reverberate across America

US military doctors 'designed torture methods' for detainees

Summary Mon 4 Nov, AT 15:17

Medical professionals at Guantanamo Bay and war bases accused of violating oath to 'do no harm'


Valerie Plame: Carrie Mathieson wouldn't make it in CIA

One-Minute Read Tue 29 Oct, AT 13:01

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame, outed ten years ago, says spies not all unstable sexpots like Carrie

Has US been duped by 'proof' of Syrian chemical weapons?

Fri 14 Jun, AT 12:14 Crispin Black

'There will be a curious and depressing symmetry for the UK if we get involved in this madness'

Edward Snowden: the man who blew the whistle

Summary Mon 10 Jun, AT 09:31

He got into the CIA without a high school diploma: brilliant computing skills gave him access to secrets

Has gold had its day? Or should you keep holding it?

Personal Finance Fri 24 May, AT 13:06

Despite the falling gold price, precious metal coins continue to do a roaring trade

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Did US miss chance to foil bomb plot?

One-Minute Read Thu 25 Apr, AT 13:01

CIA asked for Boston bombing suspect to be added to terrorism watch list after FBI closed investigation