14 Jun, 2013

'There will be a curious and depressing symmetry for the UK if we get involved in this madness'

10 Jun, 2013

He got into the CIA without a high school diploma: brilliant computing skills gave him access to secrets

24 May, 2013

Despite the falling gold price, precious metal coins continue to do a roaring trade

25 Apr, 2013

CIA asked for Boston bombing suspect to be added to terrorism watch list after FBI closed investigation

08 Feb, 2013

The man likely to become new CIA chief defends drone strikes, but says he's opposed to torture

06 Feb, 2013

US newspaper ends 'self-censorship' to expose drone base CIA uses to kill al-Qaeda militants

04 Jan, 2013

US Senate Intelligence Committee demands more information about CIA link to awards favourite

Sami al-Saadi
14 Dec, 2012

British government pays £2m to Libyan dissident as CIA is found guilty of 'torture'

04 Dec, 2012

Kathryn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden drama is on track for Oscar nominations after New York haul

23 Nov, 2012

Joint Chiefs of Staff medal was awarded to Tampa socialite in 2011 for 'promoting camaraderie'