Jill Kelley honoured by Petraeus for 'selfless' party-throwing

One-Minute Read Fri 23 Nov, AT 09:39

Joint Chiefs of Staff medal was awarded to Tampa socialite in 2011 for 'promoting camaraderie'

Who's who in the top-brass sex scandal gripping America

Briefing Wed 14 Nov, AT 16:18

A writer, a socialite and thousands of emails have unseated a CIA director and now threaten an army general

Ben Affleck's hostage thriller Argo is gripping and funny

Hot Ticket Fri 9 Nov, AT 07:37

Actor-director's shamelessly embellished real-life caper is 'one of the best movies of the year'


Buoyed by Emmys, Homeland Series Three gets go-ahead

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Damian Lewis ‘happy for team' as Showtime green-lights another series for popular spy show

Lebanon threatens to sue over Homeland's portrayal of Beirut

One-Minute Read Fri 19 Oct, AT 12:35

Beirut unhappy that its cosmopolitan streets have been portrayed by TV series as a 'hotbed of terrorists'

Absolution for Ben Affleck: new film Argo is an Oscar contender

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Where's the wooden actor now? Affleck wins over Hollywood with 'sensational' Iran rescue movie

Homeland, series two: What's in store for Carrie and Brody?

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Spoiler alert: US critics share details about first episodes and relief that new season lives up to the last


Students are being mis-sold degrees that benefit no-one

Opinion digest Fri 17 Aug, AT 10:53

Opinion Digest: the higher education con, the right to die and why Assange must face justice in Sweden

Assange: a pawn in Ecuador's power game with Uncle Sam

Fri 17 Aug, AT 07:34 Charles Laurence

Assange appears more useful to the wily President Correa than he is to the US authorities


Homeland Season 2: Carrie's back, as frazzled as ever

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Jul, AT 12:57

SPOILER ALERT: New plot points revealed as trailer is aired at San Diego comic convention