Abdel Hakim Belhadj

Belhadj rendition: why the MI6 spooks dropped Jack Straw in it

Wed 18 Apr, AT 08:53 Crispin Black

As Straw is served legal papers, it seems today's secret agents are no longer prepared to take the fall for politicians

Iranian nuclear scientist killed as drums of war beat louder

Wed 11 Jan, AT 09:59 Robert Fox

Today's assassination of a scientist in Tehran will only ratchet up the talk of war and provocation

Does Panama’s Gen Noriega know something we don’t?

Mon 12 Dec, AT 08:30 Charles Laurence

Returning home, ‘Old Pineapple Face’ is due to spend two decades in jail – or is he?

Crispin Black

Uncovered: the torture chamber that proves the CIA went nuts

Fri 9 Dec, AT 07:34 Crispin Black

Where does the CIA find these people? The ranks of a heavily armed backwoods militia? The KKK?

CIA admits to monitoring Twitter and Facebook

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Nov, AT 16:03

Agency's 'vengeful librarians' pore over posts to get a 'real-time peek' at global hotspots

Welcome to America - now a banana republic

Thu 20 Oct, AT 11:24 Alexander Cockburn

Our rapidly expanding drone empire can kill foreigners or Americans with impunity