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CIA admits to monitoring Twitter and Facebook

One-Minute Read
Fri 4 Nov, AT 16:03

Agency's 'vengeful librarians' pore over posts to get a 'real-time peek' at global hotspots

Welcome to America - now a banana republic

Thu 20 Oct, AT 11:24
Alexander Cockburn

Our rapidly expanding drone empire can kill foreigners or Americans with impunity

Pakistan soldiers

Pakistan arrests informers who helped find Bin Laden

Wed 15 Jun, AT 08:53

Despair in Washington at ‘disconnect’ between US and Pakistan over the fight to stamp out al-Qaeda

Julian Assange

Julian Assange slams ‘appalling spy’ Facebook

Tue 3 May, AT 10:30

WikiLeaks editor says social media users are just helping US intelligence

William Young

CIA hitman Bill Young found dead in Chiang Mai

Mon 4 Apr, AT 14:20

'Killing was part of the job' said former agent described as 'a retired James Bond'