Pakistan soldiers
15 Jun, 2011

Despair in Washington at ‘disconnect’ between US and Pakistan over the fight to stamp out al-Qaeda

Julian Assange
03 May, 2011

WikiLeaks editor says social media users are just helping US intelligence

William Young
04 Apr, 2011

'Killing was part of the job' said former agent described as 'a retired James Bond'

Osama bin Laden
22 Mar, 2011

How the US and the rest of the world bought the Saudi myth and got Osama all wrong

Julian Assange
02 Dec, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: How the US press have colluded with government in their fury at the WikiLeaks founder

Taliban; Afghanistan
26 Nov, 2010

CIA, MI6 and Afghans pass the buck over fake Taliban chief who promised peace talks with Karzai

Predator drone
29 Sep, 2010

Terror attacks on European capitals may have been planned by the Haqqani network, not al-Qaeda

06 Jan, 2010

Agency failed to detect Detroit bomb or stop the Jordanian double agent

Abu Omar
04 Nov, 2009

The verdict is a damning indictment of the policy of extraordinary rendition pursued by the United States

Juanita Castro
27 Oct, 2009

Juanita passed information after a secret rendezvous with a US agent in Mexico City