Abu Omar

Italian court finds 23 CIA agents guilty of torture

Wed 4 Nov, AT 17:36

The verdict is a damning indictment of the policy of extraordinary rendition pursued by the United States

Juanita Castro

Castro’s sister admits to collaborating with CIA

Tue 27 Oct, AT 08:23

Juanita passed information after a secret rendezvous with a US agent in Mexico City


CIA reveals plans to monitor the internet

Wed 21 Oct, AT 15:32

But the hook up with Visible Technologies may be of little use against web-savvy criminals

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr

Will Italy find CIA agents guilty of kidnap?

Mon 5 Oct, AT 09:18

A Milan court is due to return verdicts on CIA agents accused of the extraordinary rendition of a Muslim cleric

Dick Cheney

The CIA and a long history of assassinations

Fri 24 Jul, AT 08:56
Alexander Cockburn

The official denial of a kill squad is disingenuous, says Alexander Cockburn, given what we know about the agency’s history of killing

Everyone can rejoice at the murky fate of Rashid Rauf

Wed 26 Nov, AT 08:12

The outsourced assassination by the CIA of the British-born terror suspect in Waziristan crucially meets all Government targets