04 Dec, 2013

European Commission fines banks that formed illegal cartels to rig benchmark interest rates

FTSE100 City shares
18 Sep, 2013

Bank analysts say return of 'animal spirits' in boardrooms will help UK market break record

21 Jun, 2013

Tom Hayes faces justice over eight charges after he was arrested by the Serious Fraud Office in December

18 Jun, 2013

Former trader has been charged with eight counts of fraud following his December arrest

14 Jun, 2013

Get ready for a long ride down. 'This won't be a short-lived sell-off,' predicts Benoit Anne of SocGen

13 Mar, 2013

A perfect storm of rising prices and stagnant growth puts pressure on Chancellor before next week's Budget

12 Dec, 2012

Serious Fraud Office arrests bankers over conspiracy to rig Libor

29 Oct, 2012

Hurricane throws presidential election into disarray as hundreds of thousands evacuate New York

16 Aug, 2012

Subpoenas for Barclays, HSBC and RBS prepare ground for investors to sue banks involved

16 Jul, 2012

But earnings per share beat predictions and CEO hopes to raise dividend for first time since 2008