Civil Rights

30 Nov, 2012

Tensions in Cairo inflamed after a controversial new constitution is approved in 'rushed' vote

17 Nov, 2011

'In some ways OWS can be seen as a re-run of the idealistic hopes of those Obama zealots of 2008'

Marriage rights
03 Feb, 2011

Tim Edwards: But Judge Wall's comments are not in line with Tory thinking

Martin Luther King, civil rights
26 Aug, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: The March on Washington was about jobs and freedom. What was ever achieved?

Greensboro Lunch counter Woolworth's
11 Feb, 2010

Alexander Cockburn charts the demise of the American left since the heady days of Greensboro 1960

09 Apr, 2009

New Mexico is the latest US State to abolish the death penalty, but instead convicts are being locked away until they die, a fate that leaves them with far less chance of commutation

17 Feb, 2009

A judge who was a hero to the veterans of the civil rights struggle goes on trial accused of favours-for-influence deals

03 Feb, 2009

Confiscating driving licences and passports from absent fathers