Civil Rights

Morsi's opponents cry foul as Egypt's constitution is passed

First Reaction
Fri 30 Nov, AT 13:08

Tensions in Cairo inflamed after a controversial new constitution is approved in 'rushed' vote

Thrown out of their camps, can the Occupiers return stronger?

Thu 17 Nov, AT 08:04
Alexander Cockburn

'In some ways OWS can be seen as a re-run of the idealistic hopes of those Obama zealots of 2008'

Marriage rights

Unmarried couples should have rights, says top judge

Thu 3 Feb, AT 12:23

Tim Edwards: But Judge Wall's comments are not in line with Tory thinking

Martin Luther King, civil rights

Glenn Beck and Palin hijack Dr King’s ‘dream’

Thu 26 Aug, AT 09:35
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: The March on Washington was about jobs and freedom. What was ever achieved?

Greensboro Lunch counter Woolworth's

From Carter to Obama: the slow death of the left

Thu 11 Feb, AT 15:33
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn charts the demise of the American left since the heady days of Greensboro 1960

Life without parole - a fate worse than the death penalty

Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00
Alexander Cockburn

New Mexico is the latest US State to abolish the death penalty, but instead convicts are being locked away until they die, a fate that leaves them with far less chance of commutation

Bobby DeLaughter faces jail over patronage claim

Tue 17 Feb, AT 15:26
Charles Laurence

A judge who was a hero to the veterans of the civil rights struggle goes on trial accused of favours-for-influence deals

Should absentee fathers lose travel rights?

Tue 3 Feb, AT 00:00

Confiscating driving licences and passports from absent fathers