Civil War

South Sudan: why does Africa's newest state face civil war?

Tue 7 Jan, AT 10:05

The worsening conflict in South Sudan could become a 'fully-fledged war' if no action is taken, says UN

Syria's chemical weapons equipment destroyed

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Thu 31 Oct, AT 12:18

But the next step will be the hardest: destroying the chemicals in the midst of a civil war

Mozambique Q&A: why have ex-rebels ended peace deal?

Wed 23 Oct, AT 10:25

Mozambique faces uncertainty as two decades of peace ends with fresh attacks from both sides

Syria: chemical weapons mission seeks short ceasefire

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Mon 14 Oct, AT 10:55

OPCW team struggling to access some chemical weapons sites amid mortar shells and gunfire

NY film awards give Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' Oscar boost

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Tue 4 Dec, AT 15:56

Kathryn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden drama is on track for Oscar nominations after New York haul

Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of supplying attack helicopters to Syria

Russia 'supplying helicopters' to Syria, UN man declares civil war

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Wed 13 Jun, AT 09:42

Clinton accuses Moscow of feeding Syrian conflict as UN peacekeeping chief calls unrest 'civil war'

Miners strike in Asturias

Spain bailout: miners of Asturias rise up against austerity

Point of View
Tue 12 Jun, AT 12:18

The miners of Asturias began the struggle against Franco. Now they are leading a militant protest against Spanish austerity

Mass grave at Houla after Syria massacre

What now for Syria as massacre leaves peace process in shreds?

Talking Point
Sun 27 May, AT 08:12

More than 90 people, including 32 children, killed as troops shell the village of Houla

Ivory Coast protests

Shootings and rapes: the story of the Ivory Coast

Wed 9 Mar, AT 08:54
Venetia Rainey

Briefing: How this sub- Saharan cocoa country came to be on the ‘brink of genocide’