Climate change

Heatwaves 'more likely' to hit England due to climate change

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Fri 1 May, AT 13:22

Record-breaking temperatures in Britain now 13 times more likely, due to human influences, scientist warn

Mosquitoes 'could bring deadly diseases to the UK'

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Mon 23 Mar, AT 12:10

Climate change means mosquitoes carrying dengue fever could populate parts of Britain, scientists warn

Doomsday Clock

Will the Doomsday Clock tick down to destruction tomorrow?

Wed 21 Jan, AT 14:37

Scientists meet to discuss how close mankind now is to ensuring its own destruction.

Climate change pollution

Most fossil fuels 'unusable' under climate change goals

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Thu 8 Jan, AT 09:06

New research means much of the reserves held by major oil and gas companies could become worthless


Birds 'sense' severe weather to flee tornado danger

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Fri 19 Dec, AT 11:50

Underground sound waves may have alerted songbirds to dangerous weather, allowing them to escape

China's Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli

Climate Summit: China to take action on emissions

Wed 24 Sep, AT 12:13

US and China 'embrace' their responsibility to combat the global effects of climate change

New York, People's Climate March

Climate change marches: hundreds of thousands demand action

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Mon 22 Sep, AT 09:42

Protesters including politicians and celebrities warn climate change is 'biggest threat humanity has faced'

Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal fired Morgantown Generating Station, Maryland

Ten steps to 'tackle climate change and grow economy'

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Wed 17 Sep, AT 13:12

UN-backed report claims reducing emissions can generate better growth than a high-carbon model

Greenland ice climate change

UN summit on climate change in Lima: can deal be reached?

Mon 1 Dec, AT 11:52

Diplomats hopeful of a global agreement after more than two decades of failed attempts

The Bisson family farm in Topsham, UK.

Climate change: why meat is a bigger threat than cars

Mon 1 Sep, AT 12:30

Researchers say we need to cut our red meat consumption down to two portions a week to save the planet