Climate change

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09 Jun, 2015

Environmental groups welcome historic pledge to phase out fossil fuel emissions this century

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01 May, 2015

Record-breaking temperatures in Britain now 13 times more likely, due to human influences, scientist warn

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23 Mar, 2015

Climate change means mosquitoes carrying dengue fever could populate parts of Britain, scientists warn

Doomsday Clock
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21 Jan, 2015

Scientists meet to discuss how close mankind now is to ensuring its own destruction.

Climate change pollution
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08 Jan, 2015

New research means much of the reserves held by major oil and gas companies could become worthless

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19 Dec, 2014

Underground sound waves may have alerted songbirds to dangerous weather, allowing them to escape

China's Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
News Hub
24 Sep, 2014

US and China 'embrace' their responsibility to combat the global effects of climate change

New York, People's Climate March
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22 Sep, 2014

Protesters including politicians and celebrities warn climate change is 'biggest threat humanity has faced'

Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal fired Morgantown Generating Station, Maryland
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17 Sep, 2014

UN-backed report claims reducing emissions can generate better growth than a high-carbon model

Greenland ice climate change
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01 Dec, 2014

Diplomats hopeful of a global agreement after more than two decades of failed attempts