Climate change

Greenland ice climate change
01 Dec, 2014

Diplomats hopeful of a global agreement after more than two decades of failed attempts

The Bisson family farm in Topsham, UK.
01 Sep, 2014

Researchers say we need to cut our red meat consumption down to two portions a week to save the planet

The view of Earth in handout image provided by NASA
20 Jun, 2014

Deforestation and climate change drive extinction rates to 1,000 times their normal level

Global warming impact on Australian Antarctic territory
16 May, 2014

Researcher claims his paper was rejected because it might help climate sceptics advance their case

13 Apr, 2014

Catastrophic climate change can only be averted if we adopt nuclear, wind and solar power in a big way, says UN

31 Mar, 2014

UN panel publishes most comprehensive climate change study yet, but will it prove controversial?

Rowan Williams
30 Mar, 2014

Rowan Williams blames climate change on the West on eve of publication of latest UN climate report

Typhoon Haiyan
12 Nov, 2013

Haiyan may have been the world's most powerful storm, but was it a natural disaster - or manmade?

Greenland ice climate change
27 Sep, 2013

UN report says world getting warmer and humans to blame, but UK will cool if Gulf Stream slows

21 May, 2013

Twister was a category four storm that struck the suburb of Moore with just five minutes' warning