Vice News: a distinctive voice but will it be heard?

Fri 14 Mar, AT 09:01
Holden Frith

The founder of Vice, Shane Smith, wants to build 'the next CNN'. Ambitious - but he might just do it

Why has Piers Morgan's CNN talk show been cancelled?

First Reaction
Mon 24 Feb, AT 12:23

As ratings for prime-time show plummet, critics question if Morgan is just too British for the US

Andrew Neil calls shock jock Alex Jones an 'idiot' - video

Mon 10 Jun, AT 11:26

Ranting US conspiracy theorist branded 'worst ever guest' by host of BBC's Sunday Politics programme

Obama has change of heart on giving arms to Syrian rebels

First Reaction
Fri 3 May, AT 10:42

Hardening evidence about Assad regime's use of chemical weapons prompts US re-think

Pro-gun shock jock drowns out Piers Morgan on CNN - video

One-Minute Read
Tue 8 Jan, AT 15:04

Morgan is challenged to boxing match by ranting pro-gun advocate Alex Jones

Romney aide gaffe: Colin Powell backing Obama because of race

Talking Point
Fri 26 Oct, AT 15:00

Romney campaign not helped by Sununu alleging Powell endorsed Obama because they’re both black

Piers Morgan

Mirror phone hacking claims put Piers Morgan in spotlight

First Reaction
Tue 23 Oct, AT 15:25

American media ask questions of CNN's British host - a former editor who has always denied hacking

Syrian rebels 'hit the jackpot' as bomb strikes at Assad's heart

Talking Point
Thu 19 Jul, AT 08:57

Key advisers killed in audacious Damascus blast, but how will Russia react?

Will CNN buy social media blog Mashable for $200m?

One-Minute Read
Mon 12 Mar, AT 11:15

The acquisition would be CNN's largest to date - and the biggest price tag yet for a tech news site

Virginia Tech: Citizen journalists seize the day

Wed 18 Apr, AT 22:30

How Virginia Tech’s student bloggers scooped the mainstream media during shooting