Milk for sale on a grocery store shelf

Milka-Cola: Coca Cola launches its own brand of pricey milk

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Nov, AT 14:23

Coca Cola hopes new 'premiumised' Fairlife milk will 'rain money' on the company in years to come

Warren Buffett mistake costs his company $900m

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Mon 3 Mar, AT 15:44

Billionaire admits to a 'big mistake' in spending $2bn without consulting business partner

Merrill Lynch settles $160m race discrimination suit

One-Minute Read
Thu 29 Aug, AT 10:18

Eight years after legal action was launched, US bank agrees to pay record settlement to black employees

The Big Mac lands in Vietnam: McDonald's makes its move

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Tue 16 Jul, AT 10:14

38 years after the Americans were kicked out of South Vietnam, McDonald's is ready for business


Cheap shot? Poundland cuts prices in 99p stores war

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Wed 15 May, AT 15:06

Discount business launches penny price battle to send message that 'we're not a soft touch'

Ten litres of Coca-Cola a day contributed to death - coroner

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Tue 12 Feb, AT 14:47

Massive quantities of Coke drunk by New Zealander Natasha Harris 'helped kill her' at the age of 30


President Mitt Romney 'is just what Britain needs'

Opinion digest
Tue 24 Jul, AT 10:55

Opinion Digest: Why Romney offers economic hope and how Vince Cable could save the coalition


London Olympics: 'festival of military and corporate power'

Opinion digest
Wed 11 Jul, AT 11:15

Opinion Digest: what happened to the People's Games? – and what should happen to Nick Clegg

2012 Olympics torch

Usain Bolt turns to ice in bid to get fit for London Games

Olympic Diary
Mon 9 Jul, AT 11:06

Olympic gossip: Bolt 'cryotherapy' option, Rogge says McDonald's and Coca-Cola are 'vital'

2012 Olympics torch

Dwain Chambers faces tough task at UK Olympic trials

Olympic Diary
Fri 22 Jun, AT 12:00

Olympic gossip: stars turn out at Birmingham, police warn tourists over scams