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Col Gaddafi


Libyan chemical weapons 'safely destroyed' with US help

One-Minute Read
Mon 3 Feb, AT 12:08

As efforts continue to neutralise Syria's chemical weapons, Gaddafi's stockpile has been eliminated

The threat from Africa: Gaddafi warned it would happen

Mon 21 Jan, AT 14:31
Robert Fox

Western governments have not taken seriously enough the emergence of new networks of jihadi groups

Why France has gone into Mali (with a push from Washington)

Wed 16 Jan, AT 10:25
Robert Fox

One group of Mali rebels is said to be responsible for killing US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi

Sami al-Saadi

MI6 and CIA under scrutiny after 'rendition' court cases

First Reaction
Fri 14 Dec, AT 10:02

British government pays £2m to Libyan dissident as CIA is found guilty of 'torture'

Moussa Ibrahim

Gaddafi’s man Ibrahim held ‘dressed as woman’

Fri 30 Sep, AT 09:00

Moussa Ibrahim found by NTC troops trying to escape Sirte, Gaddafi’s home town

Video shows Hana Gaddafi survived Reagan bombing

Fri 23 Sep, AT 16:25

Footage shows Colonel Gaddafi and his sons playing with the ‘little heroine Hana’ who he claimed was dead