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Commons public accounts committee

Queen told to rein in spending as she 'reaches final million'

One-Minute Read
Tue 28 Jan, AT 09:31

Buckingham Palace should be open to the public for longer and 'rented out' to fund repairs

Time to get tough with Google: yes, but are relations too cosy?

Thu 13 Jun, AT 11:20
The Mole

Margaret Hodge demands an end to 'sweetheart deals' but search giant enjoys close ties with senior pols

Margaret Hodge

'Timid' regulator criticised over rogue payday loans

One-Minute Read
Fri 31 May, AT 12:46

MPs claim the OFT is 'tiptoeing' around lenders who target vulnerable people struggling with debt

'Immoral' multinationals face crackdown by taxmen

Mon 3 Dec, AT 10:08

MPs urge more aggressive approach to corporations, while Osborne gives HMRC a cash boost


Harriet Harman leads boycott over Starbucks tax avoidance

Fri 16 Nov, AT 08:45
The Mole

Can people power force multinationals to start paying reasonable taxes? And who will a boycott really hurt?