Conservative Party

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon slams Tory spending cuts

One-Minute Read
Tue 26 May, AT 11:36

SNP leader criticises 'scale and speed' of cuts and reaffirms party's support for the EU

Human Rights Act: Cameron delays scrapping legislation

Wed 27 May, AT 09:28

Consultation on introducing a British Bill of Rights will be held instead, as PM faces widespread opposition

General election 2015: how the papers want you to vote

Thu 7 May, AT 16:17

Britain's boisterously partisan newspapers have thrown up a few surprises this year, offering support in unexpected ways


UK election 2015: what the rest of the world is saying

Talking Point
Thu 7 May, AT 15:22

A 'weird' electoral system, a 'barmy' prime minister and a party that sounds like an 'awful pudding'

Westminster Houses of Parliament big ben

Hung parliament: what will happen after the voting?

Thu 7 May, AT 12:46

The polls are deadlocked and few are predicting anything other than a hung parliament

What time do polling stations close – and more 2015 election questions

Thu 7 May, AT 16:09

Can you take a selfie in a polling booth, do you need ID, and what happens if you've lost your polling card?

Ed Miliband

Election 2015: how party leaders are trying to win your vote

Wed 6 May, AT 10:10

Polls suggest the election is too close to call as leaders of the main parties rush around the country

Will The Sun's split verdict make any difference to the election?

Talking Point
Thu 30 Apr, AT 11:36

The Sun has got two hats on, but expert says no newspaper can claim it 'won it' for any government

Danny Alexander Liberal Democrat MP

Lib Dems claim Tories trying to 'con' public over welfare cuts

One-Minute Read
Thu 30 Apr, AT 08:59

Danny Alexander leaks what he claims are 'secret' Conservative plans for £8bn of welfare cuts

Why the DUP could hold the balance of power

Wed 29 Apr, AT 10:32

The Democratic Unionist Party is ready to do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives – but at what cost?