Conservative Party

Election 2015: how the IFS rates each party's policies

Thu 23 Apr, AT 14:58

Institute for Fiscal Studies accuses four main parties of failing to inform voters of their plans for the country

SNP manifesto 2015: Nicola Sturgeon's policies

Wed 6 May, AT 10:44

Scottish nationalists want to scrap Trident, reduce university tuition fees and block welfare cuts

Foreign aid: where does UK's overseas development aid go?

Fri 17 Apr, AT 16:00

Investigation claims UK's foreign aid target has led to 'spending frenzy' with big multilateral agencies

The 'women's vote': how each party is fighting for it

Thu 16 Apr, AT 12:57

Is is sexist to talk of 'the women's vote', and do women really vote that differently to men?

 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Lib Dem manifesto 2015: Clegg outlines 'red-line' policies

Wed 6 May, AT 10:12

After tuition fees fiasco, Clegg gives five manifesto pledges 'near religious status' in any coalition deal

David Cameron at the Conservative Party conference

Conservative manifesto 2015: the policies David Cameron has in store

Fri 8 May, AT 14:27

Prime minister announces priorities in Downing Street after defying pre-election predictions

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Labour to abolish non-dom tax status: how would it work?

Wed 8 Apr, AT 10:04

Ed Miliband says he would scrap the non-dom status that has become 'a symbol of tax avoidance' in the UK

Salmond threatens to block a Tory minority government

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Mar, AT 11:42

Former SNP leader says the party would come out against the Conservatives in a vote of confidence

Who will be the next Labour leader? The bookies' top five

Tue 19 May, AT 11:45

Bookmakers relegate Yvette Cooper in Labour leader odds after Tristram Hunt endorses Liz Kendall

Exit poll result 2015: Conservative and Lib Dem majority in UK general election

Thu 7 May, AT 23:25

Conservatives strongly outperform expectations, according to exit poll, and Lib Dems could make up the numbers