Conservative Party

The Mole
25 Nov, 2014

Home Secretary said to be determined to stop ‘faintly ridiculous’ Boris Johnson leading the Conservatives

08 May, 2015

Conservatives win 'shock' Commons majority as Ed Miliband stands down as Labour leader

The Mole
05 Nov, 2014

Having seen off Norman Baker, Theresa May is now digging in her heels with another colleague, Sajid Javid

Don Brind
02 Oct, 2014

Stealing Lib Dem tax policy may have been a mistake: Cameron needs Clegg to win back 'switchers'

The Mole
01 Oct, 2014

Cameron offers two major tax breaks in conference speech - but already there's a dispute over the cost

George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Theresa May
24 Jul, 2015

Chancellor gaining ground with 'powerful magic circle' in the battle to replace David Cameron

Theresa May at the Conservative party conference
30 Sep, 2014

Theresa May announces 'terrorist Asbos' as Labour and the Conservatives rally their partly loyalists

The Mole
29 Sep, 2014

Two of Cameron’s former aides question his leadership style after terrible start to conference

Kids take their school meals
02 Sep, 2014

Scheme will create a 'level playing field' among pupils, but others argue the money could have been better spent

01 Sep, 2014

Tories and Lib Dems had been at odds on on new powers to seize passports of returning jihadist fighters