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Rebekah Brooks

'Horseplay' texts with Rebekah add to PM's embarrassment

First Reaction
Sun 4 Nov, AT 09:52

'I cried twice,' Rebekah Brooks tells Cameron after speech; thanks for the 'unpredictable' ride, says PM

Tories and the EU: it was never going to be easy for Cameron

Thu 18 Oct, AT 08:55
Richard Ehrman

As the PM attends another Brussels summit, he has to accept his party is now fundamentally eurosceptic


Tories must not be tempted to tread the UKIP path

Opinion digest
Thu 27 Sep, AT 11:43

Opinion Digest: the UKIP threat, Clegg’s conference speech, and the BBC’s foolish mistake


Liam Fox puts down civil war gossip but demands right turn

Mon 17 Sep, AT 09:45
The Mole

Former Defence Secretary says leadership coup is ‘utter nonsense’ after 14 MPs ask for change


Police abuse of power is shameful: it’s time for a Leveson

Opinion digest
Fri 14 Sep, AT 12:11

Opinion digest: what the Hillsborough scandal reveals about the police, plus Europe’s defence dream

David Cameron

Conservative Voice: another right-wing challenge to Cameron?

Talking Point
Tue 11 Sep, AT 15:39

Tory 'big beasts' Liam Fox and David Davis have launched a new group that aims to win back disaffected Conservative voters


Louise Mensch’s decision to quit gives Labour by-election chance

Mon 6 Aug, AT 11:03
The Mole

Ed Miliband handed golden opportunity as Tory MP quits to join husband and family in New York

Boris Johnson should be PM, say major Tory donors

First Post
Sun 5 Aug, AT 15:29

Going for gold: London mayor's star rises - even when he's left hanging from an Olympic wire


David Cameron's caution is weakening the Conservatives

Opinion digest
Mon 18 Jun, AT 10:16

Opinion digest: David Cameron and Tory re-branding, a tip for England at Euro 2012 and Europe's impending dark age


Conservative whodunnit: someone is out to get Baroness Warsi

Tue 5 Jun, AT 10:02
The Mole

With Warsi under investigation, how long before cries of 'hypocrisy' force Cameron's hand on Hunt?