Conservative Party

01 Sep, 2014

Tories and Lib Dems had been at odds on on new powers to seize passports of returning jihadist fighters

29 Jul, 2014

Tory optimists have been sustained by the belief that Ukip will fade: but polls suggest that won't happen

28 Jul, 2014

Labour felt it had to erect 'Iron Dome' against personal attacks being planned by Tory HQ

08 Jul, 2014

TV documentary shows former whip admitting that scandals involving 'small boys' could be hushed up

The Mole
06 Jun, 2014

Conservatives in buoyant mood: does Labour really look like an alternative government?

Flags outside European Parliament
22 May, 2014

Upcoming vote will give people a chance to make their feelings clear about the EU and immigration

The Mole
24 Apr, 2014

Tory spin-doctors go straight into action as Labour seeks advice in US on countering press smears

25 Feb, 2014

PM is trying to placate his angry right-wing – and also tempt voters who prefer single-party government

14 Feb, 2014

Risk of Ukip splitting Tory vote in 2015 increases: what's the message for the four party leaders?

Aidan Burley
06 Feb, 2014

Former high-flier had no hope of a future role in a Tory government after embarrassing his party, say insiders