Conservative Party

Vince Cable
23 Dec, 2013

Business secretary 'infuriates' Tory MPs by linking migrant crackdown to 'racist' Enoch Powell speech

David Cameron
11 Dec, 2013

PM uses Spectator interview to share with Tories his frustration at Lib Dems holding him back

Don Brind
10 Dec, 2013

Polls show Autumn Statement was no game-changer, while Ukip claims it's taking charge in key marginals

Don Brind
02 Dec, 2013

Polling shows that being told the economy is improving is not enough - voters need to feel it

Don Brind
12 Nov, 2013

Labour leader's personal ratings also improve - but the key issue is the collapse of the Lib Dems

Don Brind
11 Nov, 2013

If Cameron can learn from Harold Wilson, then he might get the public behind him – given EU apathy

11 Nov, 2013

Former PM speaks again – this time to stand up for the working-class Tories Cameron risks losing

05 Nov, 2013

Even if he never called officers 'plebs', some Tories fear the mud has stuck. There's only one solution

31 Oct, 2013

'Battle for control' between Miliband and Balls as Labour goes into today's vote still dithering

25 Oct, 2013

Conservatives accuse Labour of ‘hiding’ from positive GDP figure – but cost of living remains a live issue