Conservative Party

David Cameron
14 May, 2013

Why has David Cameron decided to publish the bill today and does it have a hope of becoming law?

03 May, 2013

Buoyed by election success, Nigel Farage says 'reverse takeover' of Tory party is on cards

03 May, 2013

Nigel Farage's party comes second in South Shields by-election and looks set to win 100 council seats

01 May, 2013

PM hopes silence is golden as he tries to shut down Tory disarray over party set to steal its votes

30 Apr, 2013

Cigar-smoking leader wins praise as his party comes under scrutiny ahead of Thursday's local elections

09 Apr, 2015

Tories claim Labour would 'barter away' Trident in a bid to secure power through an SNP coalition

01 Mar, 2013

Cameron is not a true Conservative, says Farage, who rules out any deal with Tories while Dave is in charge

Chris Huhne
04 Feb, 2013

Will Eastleigh by-election lead to an ‘almighty bust-up’ for Tories and Liberal Democrats?

04 Feb, 2013

Two Conservative journalists talk of threat to 'out' secretly gay Tories who vote against modernisation