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Conservative Party

Suede shoes of Ken Clarke and kitten heels of Theresa May

Cat fight brings human rights row into the open

Wed 5 Oct, AT 09:57
The Mole

Ken Clarke takes on Theresa May and PM, refusing to accept a repeal of the Human Rights Act

David Cameron

Cameron’s cunning plan to undermine Strasbourg

Mon 3 Oct, AT 10:53
The Mole

It’s not what Tory activists in Manchester really want, but at least it’s a start

Sexism haunts Cameron, Bullingdon dogs Osborne

Sun 2 Oct, AT 15:10

PC gaffes cling to PM as new details emerge about Chancellor’s wild nights with Bullingdon club

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

Soak the rich, quit Europe - its conference season

Mon 19 Sep, AT 08:55
The Mole

Nick and Dave agreed to knock each other’s parties during conference season – and here we go... are hopping mad

David Miliband and Alistair Darling

David Miliband is a wimp and Labour can forget him

Mon 5 Sep, AT 11:03
The Mole

Alistair Darling’s memoir makes Brown look delusional – but D Miliband just looks gutless