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Conservative Party

Francis Maude

Parents to break teachers’ strike? Maude turns up gas

Mon 27 Jun, AT 11:00
The Mole

‘Moderniser’ Maude shows his father’s true blue colours when it comes to dealing with the unions

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke was in the right - but will he resign? No

Wed 22 Jun, AT 11:30
The Mole

Justice minister shows he has no stomach for a fight while Cameron performs another U-turn

David Cameron at Queen's tennis

Why Cameron has little to fear from the Tory right

Tue 14 Jun, AT 13:11
Richard Ehrman

As long as he continues with deficit cuts and schools and welfare reforms - he’ll survive

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke’s prisoner plan is torn up by Cameron

Wed 8 Jun, AT 09:25
The Mole

The PM seems to have got the message - that he cannot trust his cabinet’s political nous

Bullish Osborne seeks to defy gloomy economists

Mon 6 Jun, AT 11:34
The Mole

Chancellor gives combative performance on Today prog, hinting IMF report will be supportive