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Tories on warpath after Bercow says it's OK to call Hunt liar

Wed 13 Jun, AT 17:52
The Mole

Jeremy Hunt survives confidence vote, but Speaker causes uproar by allowing Labour MP to accuse him of lying

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg tells Leveson he respects 'iconoclastic' Murdoch

First Post
Wed 13 Jun, AT 14:02

But the Deputy Prime Minister also suggests the media has become obsessed with the inquiry

Richard Ehrman

Right-wing Tories must accept: there is no alternative to Coalition

Tue 8 May, AT 07:29
Richard Ehrman

David Cameron cannot turn right and he cannot ditch the Lib Dems. The Coalition must pull together fast

Cameron 'rips up' Queen's Speech as Boris Johnson's star rises

First Post
Sun 6 May, AT 09:53

HS2 and Lords reforms are postponed – and the PM is even ready to shelve the gay marriage plans he fought for

David Cameron - Labour punish Coalition in local elections

Labour punish Coalition in England and Wales

First Reaction
Fri 4 May, AT 14:35

But results in Scotland and London mayoral race might yet rain on Miliband's parade


Having a child is a far greater commitment than marriage

Opinion digest
Tue 1 May, AT 11:41

Opinion digest: marriage problems, Miliband's changing fortunes and the imperialism of international law

Richard Ehrman

Beyond the spin: how to tell who has won the local elections

Tue 1 May, AT 08:41
Richard Ehrman

Conservatives will be watching the rise of UKIP, while Labour pray for a miracle in London