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Cameron slaps down David Davis's Downton Abbey putsch

Mon 2 Apr, AT 12:37
The Mole

Servants will not be taking charge of the Conservative Party despite resentment at 'Lord Snooty and his pals'

David Cameron

How to raise party funds and make British politics popular again

Point of View
Tue 27 Mar, AT 11:57

State funding is not the answer: parties need to chase new members and donors with non-elitist policies

Tory cash-for-access scandal erupts as Peter Cruddas resigns

First Reaction
Sun 25 Mar, AT 16:12

Party co-treasurer steps down after secret video 'shows him offering dinner with Sam Cam'

Gordon Brown

Granny tax: was this Osborne's Gordon Brown moment?

Point of View
Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:31

Brown infuriated his core voters when he dropped the 10p tax band – now it's Osborne's turn in the stew

Richard Ehrman

Alienating the elderly is unwise. But the big worry is growth

Thu 22 Mar, AT 08:33
Richard Ehrman

The furore over pensions might ease with time, but there's still no sign of the economy perking up


Millionaires' £40K bonus: Budget leaves Labour cock-a-hoop

Wed 21 Mar, AT 15:12
The Mole

Osborne highlights property tax hike, but Labour says 50p tax cut is a gift to people earning £1m a year

David Cameron

Pull up on the hard shoulder, David Cameron, and think again

Point of View
Tue 20 Mar, AT 07:37

The toll-roads wheeze is not just a bad idea, it's bad politics - if the PM wants to keep Conservatives on side

Tory fetish for labour market reform has no basis in reality

Point of View
Thu 8 Mar, AT 08:34

George Osborne threatens further deregulation, but where's the evidence that it would inspire growth?

Gay marriage

Gay marriage divides opinion - but can it boost matrimony?

Talking Point
Tue 6 Mar, AT 13:18

Marriage is about more than sex, it's about commitment, so why shouldn't gays get married?