AirAsia plane

AirAsia QZ8501 conspiracy theories: what happened to the plane?

Briefing Mon 5 Jan, AT 15:15

Some online theorists believe AirAsia crash was predicted last year, others say plane was shot down

MH370 conspiracy theories: what happened to the missing plane?

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Jan, AT 10:35

Was Flight MH370 captured by aliens? Stolen by Israeli agents? Or did it crash in Ukraine? A round-up of the best conspiracy theories

'The Day Kennedy Died' brings JFK assassination back to life

Fri 15 Nov, AT 08:21 Holden Frith

Forget the conspiracy theories and meet the men and women who were there on 22 Nov 1963

UFO files: faceless humanoids spook Welsh hotel owner

Summary Thu 12 Jul, AT 10:59

Highlights from the latest tranche of MoD 'X-Files' released by the National Archives

Barack Obama

Barack Obama birther theory resurrected by ex-literary agent

First Post Fri 18 May, AT 14:27

Booklet produced in 1991 saying President was born in Kenya gives new hope to conspiracy theorists


Nasa debunks 2012 doomsday theory for a third time

Video Fri 9 Mar, AT 13:18

New video pours scorn on doomsday scenarios - but doth Nasa protest too much?

Phobos-Grunt failure fuels alien war conspiracy theories

First Post Tue 29 Nov, AT 12:40

Dmitry Medvedev wants to punish whoever caused a Russian probe to fail. Aliens, watch out

Rugeley power station, owned by International Power

The ‘conspiracy’ that keeps energy prices rising

Talking Point Tue 18 Oct, AT 14:11

Talking Point: Is there a solution to our energy woes that we aren’t being told about?