Conspiracy theories

24 Mar, 2015

The world is an even stranger place than it seems if these conspiracy theories are to be believed

Russia's opposition supporters march in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov
03 Mar, 2015

Was Nemtsov killed by Islamists, the West, Putin's opponents or the Russian president himself?

Glowing orbs
09 Feb, 2015

UFO experts 'summon up' mysterious lights by meditating - or it could be some nautical flares

AirAsia plane
05 Jan, 2015

Some online theorists believe AirAsia crash was predicted last year, others say plane was shot down

08 Jul, 2015

An incomplete account by the US government followed by the declassification of top secret files may have helped fuel interest in UFOs

26 Jun, 2015

Was Flight MH370 captured by aliens? Stolen by Vladimir Putin? Or did it crash in Ukraine? A round-up of the best conspiracy theories

15 Nov, 2013

Forget the conspiracy theories and meet the men and women who were there on 22 Nov 1963

02 Mar, 2015

JFK was killed by the CIA, the KGB, aliens or by accident. Why three shots fired in Dallas still reverberate across America

12 Jul, 2012

Highlights from the latest tranche of MoD 'X-Files' released by the National Archives

Barack Obama
18 May, 2012

Booklet produced in 1991 saying President was born in Kenya gives new hope to conspiracy theorists