corporation tax

09 Oct, 2013

Social networking site avoids tax bill by processing UK sales in Ireland

beer pint pub
20 Mar, 2013

Help with mortgages, 1p off a pint of beer and tough new action to catch Britain's tax cheats

20 Mar, 2013

Chancellor expected to help low-paid with rise in tax allowance – and drop corporation tax to boost business

Margaret Hodge
07 Dec, 2012

Tax consultant admits to seeking out loopholes to help his wealthy clients avoid tax

23 Nov, 2012

Justin King says customers have more power than government to force multinationals to pay taxes

Vince Cable
19 Nov, 2012

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary

13 Nov, 2012

Google and Starbucks also grilled over low tax payments, but Amazon is ordered to send a more knowledgeable exec

12 Nov, 2012

MPs on Public Accounts Committee to quiz executives today over corporation tax claims

Kindle 2
25 Oct, 2012

Luxembourg and France given one month to increase their rates of VAT on ebooks

19 Oct, 2012

Consumer goodwill drains away over coffee chain's failure to pay tax as more politicians call for boycott