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Facebook pays no UK tax despite £223m revenues

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Wed 9 Oct, AT 11:20

Social networking site avoids tax bill by processing UK sales in Ireland

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At-a-glance guide to today's main Budget points

Wed 20 Mar, AT 17:04

Help with mortgages, 1p off a pint of beer and tough new action to catch Britain's tax cheats

Budget Day: what the papers say Osborne has in his red box

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Wed 20 Mar, AT 10:13

Chancellor expected to help low-paid with rise in tax allowance – and drop corporation tax to boost business

Margaret Hodge

MPs slam 'utterly immoral' tax advisers as Starbucks pays up

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Fri 7 Dec, AT 14:47

Tax consultant admits to seeking out loopholes to help his wealthy clients avoid tax

Sainsbury's boss: just boycott tax-avoiders like Amazon

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Fri 23 Nov, AT 15:12

Justin King says customers have more power than government to force multinationals to pay taxes

Vince Cable

Cable: Inland Revenue needs to take a close look at Starbucks

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Mon 19 Nov, AT 10:02

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary

Tax row: 'pathetic' Amazon man humiliated by MPs

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Tue 13 Nov, AT 09:26

Google and Starbucks also grilled over low tax payments, but Amazon is ordered to send a more knowledgeable exec

Amazon, Starbucks and Google face MPs

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Mon 12 Nov, AT 14:34

MPs on Public Accounts Committee to quiz executives today over corporation tax claims

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EC removes Amazon tax advantage

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Thu 25 Oct, AT 14:24

Luxembourg and France given one month to increase their rates of VAT on ebooks

Starbucks suffers reputation slump over tax 'avoidance'

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Fri 19 Oct, AT 12:12

Consumer goodwill drains away over coffee chain's failure to pay tax as more politicians call for boycott