Costa Concordia

02 Mar, 2012

On the eve of a massive investigative hearing in Italy, a government decree bans further 'fly bys'

19 Feb, 2012

It must be true - it's in the Sunday papers: from Richard Dawkins's ancestry to Thierry Henry's four-storey aquarium

Domnica Cemortan
03 Feb, 2012

Confession comes as divers searching shipwrecked liner find her lingerie in the captain's cabin

Costa Concordia
20 Jan, 2012

Video footage shows crew telling passengers 'go back to your cabins' even as ship was sinking

18 Jan, 2012

It was a bad omen when the champagne bottle failed to break against Concordia’s hull

18 Jan, 2012

‘It was bravado, he was clowning around,’ says anonymous fellow cruise ship captain

17 Jan, 2012

The Italian way is to blame and shame - but that's not how to investigate an accident

Costa Concordia
17 Jan, 2012

Manslaughter charges expected after further shocking evidence emerges of captain's behaviour

16 Jan, 2012

Death toll reaches six as Costa Concordia’s captain is accused of abandoning ship with 230 still aboard