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Craig Oliver

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell and 'Plebgate': why it now looks like a stitch-up

Wed 19 Dec, AT 09:00

C4 News exposes how a police officer pretended he could corroborate evidence against Mitchell

Torygraph and Tories at war: how did it come to this?

Media Watch
Thu 13 Dec, AT 09:59

Number Ten denies the Culture Secretary's part in implementing Leveson was used to threaten paper

No 10 complains over Osborne's bruising bout with Evan Davis

Media Watch
Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:36

'It could have been better handled,' BBC executive admits – but Davis is off the hook for tough interview

Craif Oliver

TV camera catches Cameron spin doctor bollocking BBC news man

Mon 28 May, AT 14:26

Conservative head of press reads the Riot Act to Norman Smith over report linking the PM, Hunt and the Murdochs

Fuel panic drives up petrol sales by 80 per cent

Government blamed for panic at the petrol pumps

One-Minute Read
Fri 30 Mar, AT 09:11

Conflicting advice said to be responsible for forecourt chaos after fuel strike threat

Craig Oliver

Cameron’s new spin doctor is BBC man Craig Oliver

Thu 3 Feb, AT 09:21

Perhaps he wants to be more than a mere spectator as history unfolds, says BBC colleague Nick Robinson