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Mark Stroman

Texas executes 9/11 ‘revenge’ killer Stroman

Thu 21 Jul, AT 11:54

Murderer dies despite plea for clemency by man he shot and blinded


When violence smashes into an orderly life

Tue 31 May, AT 11:42
Michael Bywater

A superb account of Britain’s first railway murder

Polite robber holds up Seattle petrol station

Thu 10 Feb, AT 11:49

Petrol station owner says he feels sorry for man who robbed him of $300 (with video)

Joanna Yeates landlord, Christopher Jefferies

Ban on Jo Yeates-style media speculation planned

Mon 31 Jan, AT 12:15

Tim Edwards on the bill to outlaw the naming of murder suspects until they are charged


Cape Town killing: Anni ‘was crying on flight out’

Sun 28 Nov, AT 12:09

Murdered bride’s family pile on the pressure as husband’s reps refute complicity allegations

CCTV of Peter Harvey's confrontation with unruly pupils

Who’s the punk – the child or the teacher?

Tue 25 May, AT 08:09

Brendan O’Neill: Sympathy for the dumbbell-wielding Peter Harvey won’t help solve the schooling crisis