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CCTV of Peter Harvey's confrontation with unruly pupils

Who’s the punk – the child or the teacher?

Tue 25 May, AT 08:09

Brendan O’Neill: Sympathy for the dumbbell-wielding Peter Harvey won’t help solve the schooling crisis

500 euro note

Crime-friendly 500 euro note withdrawn in Britain

Thu 13 May, AT 10:20

Criminals’ ‘note of choice’ made money-laundering too easy

A mobile phone and a gun discarded by a criminal in Mexico City

Mexico faces mobile phone chaos in crime crackdown

Wed 14 Apr, AT 10:03

Confusion reigns over plans to disconnect all phones that are not registered with the state

James Bulger and his killer Jon Venables caught on CCTV

Venables, Chindamo and the ‘arms race’ filling jails

Mon 22 Mar, AT 10:08

Documentary maker Richard Symons exposes a poisonous relationship between tabloid editors and politicians

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr gets his guitar back, ten years on

Fri 19 Feb, AT 12:03

A fan stole Gibson guitar from Smiths man - he should have entered our competition instead

Dr Conrad Murray

Cops want Dr Murray in handcuffs and chains

Fri 5 Feb, AT 10:04

Charge against Jacko’s doctor could be delayed by row over manner of his arrest