Tony Musulin; France

Bank heist ‘hero’ Tony Musulin turns himself in

News Tue 17 Nov, AT 11:07

French security guard Tony Musulin is in custody after an 11-day Europe-wide manhunt

Paul Valery University, where Philippe Joron taught

French rally behind their own ‘Tony Martin’

News Mon 16 Nov, AT 14:28

An intruder carrying a gun and a can of petrol died when his victim decided to fight back

Delroy Grant; Night Stalker

The Night Stalker: it took 17 years to make an arrest

News Mon 16 Nov, AT 08:46

There was no match on the DNA database – and he never left a fingerprint at the scene of his crimes

Nick Griffin BNP

10 things you need to know this Monday morning

News Mon 16 Nov, AT 07:13

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points