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Murder of Marie-Christine Hodeau

French murder prompts chemical castration calls

Mon 5 Oct, AT 18:38

The murder of Marie-Christine Hodeau by convicted paedophile Manuel da Cruz has caused an outcry in France

Australian Fritzl

‘Australian Fritzl’ ‘raped and imprisoned’ daughter

Thu 17 Sep, AT 19:11

A man dubbed the Australian Fritzl after he allegedly fathered four children by his daughter has been charged with rape and incest

Annie Le murder

Annie Le: lab technician Raymond Clark arrested

Thu 17 Sep, AT 14:59

Samples of Raymond Clark’s DNA have been linked to traces in the Yale University basement laboratory where Annie Le’s body was found, according to police

Phillip Garrido

Placerville, El Dorado County: where the Dugard and Annie Le cases collide

Tue 15 Sep, AT 13:02
Charles Laurence

The case of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido and the murder of Annie Le are linked through a Californian town

Turkish girls kidnapped in ‘Big Brother’ internet scam

Thu 10 Sep, AT 14:33

Pictures of the naked girls were sold on internet porn sites by the fake reality show’s ‘producers’

Case of the missing detectives - no-one wants to work for CID

The case of the missing police detectives

Tue 18 Aug, AT 17:53

It's no surprise nobody wants to work for CID when government targets have reduced policing to box ticking