Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

03 Jan, 2013

Fernandez's flagging popularity at home is thought to be behind her open letter to David Cameron

President Cristina Kirchner
20 Jun, 2012

PM clashes with President Cristina Kirchner and walks away when she offers him a package labelled 'Malvinas'

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
15 Jun, 2012

Argentine President Kirchner calls UK rule of Falklands ‘an affront’ as islanders’ offer of direct talks is ignored

12 Jun, 2012

Falklands government wants to send clear signal to Argentina that islanders wish to remain British

Cristina Kirchner president of Argentina
17 Apr, 2012

Argentines snatch share belonging to Repsol - angering Spain, disappointing Mexico and troubling analysts

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner
02 Mar, 2012

Kirchner calls for direct flights to Argentina as Roger Waters attacks David Cameron's 'bullshit'

24 Oct, 2011

Cristina Fernandez is first female president to get re-elected in macho world of South American politics

Cristina Kirchner president of Argentina
17 Jun, 2011

New tussle over Falkland Islands looms as Christina Kirchner attacks ‘crude colonial’ Britain

Stanley in the Falkland Islands
11 Mar, 2010

Are the Falklands really the Dubai of the South Atlantic and does Argentina have a fair claim?