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Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia: UK directors to be named responsible for capsize

Wed 9 Jan, AT 17:09
Andrea Vogt

Criminal complaint says Carnival directors 'not only tolerated but promoted' ship salute that led to tragedy

Cruise passengers mutinous after vomiting bug outbreak

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Thu 13 Dec, AT 16:31

Many ill, others confined to their cabins in a bid to avoid catching the contagious Norovirus bug

Costa Concordia

Five blunders that doomed the cruise ship Costa Concordia

Mon 15 Oct, AT 08:50
Andrea Vogt

Black box evidence points to language problems, the wrong map and a long-delayed evacuation

Costa Concordia

Traumatised survivors ready to sue as Costa captain faces judges

Fri 12 Oct, AT 10:49
Andrea Vogt

On eve of Italian criminal inquest, lawyers in US and France are ready to pounce if justice does not prevail